Save Someone Else

My album “Selective Pressure” was originally intended to have a 20-song symmetry, but as the project progressed, it became apparent that one composition wouldn’t make the cut. Not because I disliked it, but simply because it didn’t seem to fit. 

Appropriately, the song was entitled Save Someone Else, and dealt with the subject of being unwanted. I shelved the demo; I knew I’d eventually give it second life, but at that particular time I needed to move on. 

The album is now out in all its 19-song glory. But what of its little bastard spawn, Save Someone Else? How would that song breathe anew, untethered from the pretenses it was originally conceived under? 

To answer this, I decided to hand it over to a few of my favorite musician friends and see what they’d make of it. It turns out they made a whole lot out of it. Way more than I even expected! These are the seven souls who dared to adopt this at-risk anthem, interpreting it in their own unique ways. Listen to their sonic salvos, for they speak now for the forgotten. I am thankful to have such friends. 

-Dylan Sparrow, New York City, 2/19/2015

Patrick Grant’s lead sheet for “Save Someone Else"

Patrick Grant’s lead sheet for “Save Someone Else"